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Fooshies Friends

Posted on 03/26/19 at 8:30 pm to New Tubes

Fooshies friends, what an incredible big character set. Allot of different cute characters which you can use on your signatures and websites. All the friends comes with lovely colourful clothes which you can mix and match. What adventures are your fooshies going to make?

*waves* Hi There!!

Posted on 07/03/18 at 10:39 am to General

Hi Girls!

Just a little note from me! It has been a while hassn’t it!? How are you all doing and how is the community going? I miss pixeling allot and I am trying to get things sorted so I can make some time to play with you girls again. Not often but I want to be part of the family again!

First let me explain how my life is going. Its been with ups and downs. I signed a contract for my dreamjob as illustrator and designer. At this moment I illustrated a published book, designed fabric, made designs for wooden buttons and pacifierclips, cutting dies for cardmaking, patterns¬† for toy’s, and many more! At this moment I am working on branding myself and start up with my own collection of cutting dies and clear stamps, working on my own crochet book which I want to publish next year. Life has a downside too, I won’t go into that too much, as things get a bit personal. Just the words fighting boulumia would cover the load *wink*. Combining with my two girls that are growing up so fast! The oldest already 14 and the youghest is 9 right now. Jeeezzz stop the time please!

So girls, What can you expect to see here? Well I am always open for questions of older sets. But, I will create a new fresh set near soon! If there are any wished let me know in the comments! Tunes lines, themes, characters etc etc!

Going for now, work is calling! Missing you girls! Big hugs and TTYL!

~ Jo


Posted on 09/22/17 at 11:46 am to Store Updates

 Missed out on one of the great tube or line packs from Vanilla Patch?! Or maybe even an older one from My Little Pixels, Jolisa, or Limited Edition? This is the chance to get one! When Purchasing this Wildcard, I will get notified of your purchase, please send an email with the name of the pack you want and I will reply with your requested pack. The only restriction is that I can sell packs only created by me. So, no collabrations. If however we find out that I can not sell the pack, you will get your money 100% refunded. If you are in doubt Email me first if the pack is available before purchasing. Send your email to info(at)vanilla-patch.com and please allow me up to 48 hours to send your set.

Fafnir Dragon. A very old lineartset from about 10 years ago! The Fafnir woke up to come and play with you! Who doesnt love tiny cute little dragons. A fantasy tubeset bright and lovely colored which you can use year round. Not only green dragons but also purple and blue ones to make a big friend mushroom garden party. A Magical set which needs to be in your collection!

Hi there girls! Maybe a bit early but it gives you plenty of time to create some great sigtags for your store! This is a lovely little set for Newyears eve. Featuring lovely Pinguins! they are just 5 usd and limted to a few people only!

Some girls wondering, where I’ve been and why is it so quiet around my site. I have been working so incredible hard to work on one of my biggest wishes and dreams of my shildhood. I have just signed my contract as an official illustrator! The first book I illustrated is already published and there are 2 great BIG projects at the moment where I am working on!

I miss the community allot! And I miss where we where so close and active! Lets try and think of how to get the urge and bond back again. I tried to think of something new, but with my new position it might be hard. Altho… The days are getting colder and we will be stuck inside more I might have more time to delight you with more wonderful pixels! There is still one more on the artboard and I hope I can finish it before my muse runs off again or my deadline will be near for the projects!


Hi all sweets!

Posted on 06/20/17 at 6:47 pm to Uncategorized

Just a little Hi from me to let you know I am still around! my offline life has taken over allot that there is not much time left to pixel. I am trying to openup PSP every time but it doesnt seem to help lots yet. Just wanted to let you know I have not left the community and still urging to make new sets. Please drop a comment and maybe even with your site so I know who is still around! <3 Miss you girls!

Love Jo

Donny & Marie

Posted on 01/20/17 at 3:29 pm to Store Updates

Hey There!

Have you ever seen such an adorable couple? Meet Donny and Marie! The little oinkers are in love. Cupid has visted them and touched their hearts. Flowers hearts holding hands, sweet balloons. This valentine is complete for those two adorable piggies! With many color options to mix match and make your own valentine tags dedication site or email template. You cant miss out on this cute piggy set!

Love Jo

Witch Alice

Posted on 01/20/17 at 7:09 am to New Tubes

Hi there my love!

Meet Witch Alice. A little lovely colored base set. I couldnt resist in working with this awesome base from Faery Pixels. There are almost endless posibilitys in using the colors. With permision I reshaded the base and the clothes so you have a one of a kind set. I can’t wait to see what you create with them! Please note this set has only 15 available! and only 5 usd!

Love Jo

Elvira Caramel Halloween

Posted on 10/19/16 at 6:51 am to Store Updates

Hi Love!
Happy Halloween! Elvira Caramel is here to join in with this festive spooktaculair event. With an incredible cute load of props there will be allot to create. Let your imagination run wild! Pretty bright colors and thousands of ideas to make. You can also mix and match other tubes with this set to expand your creativity! Maybe add some blinkieboxes and you have some lovely halloween blinkies! I can’t wait to see what you create with them! Please note, there are only 20 available! and I have put some old sets offline. If you are too late now, my appologize!

With Love Jo