Still here!

wllHi Girls, I just wanted to let you know I am still around the corner checking the site and my email. I know it has been quited around Vanilla Patch the past time but I won’t leave! I have been offered a job as sport instructor at my local gym so it has been a bit busy around private live at the moment. I have to try and find some Balance in working offline and online. But Just wanted to let you know I am still here. I would like to get your opinion in following sets. I would like to create new tube and line sets but I am not sure what you would like at the moment. Is it tubes or lines, grayscale or signatures. Do you want smaller sets for smaller prices or do you want normal/larger sets for regular prices (as it is now) Limited time or limited quantitys? I won’t resell older sets anymore and I won’t do sales/discounts either. Just let me hear your opnion! :)

Love Jo

I won an award!

ta-easterAww I feel so blessed, thank you so much Mariel for nominating my peterc otton easter tubes as the cutest, and Sicara for admitting it too. Thank you so much I feel really honoured to receive this award! Please make sure to come over to Sicara’s award site to check if you can nominate someone too! I think this is a lovely way to show each others appreciation! <3 Spread the love!

Link to Sicara – Dark Enchantments
Link to Mariel – My Crazy Siggie Club

With Love Jo


Peter Cottontail Tubes too!

VP_Peter_Cottontail_Tubeset_LogoHi there my love!

Just wanted to let you know that the latest Lineartset is now also available as Tubeset! Peter Cottontail easter/springtime tubes! come with me and get your set quick before they all has been sold out! I can’t wait to see what you create with this incredible colourful bright set!

*** – Please make sure to state well in the order if you want the tubeset or lineart, or else I will automatically send an invoice for the tubes! – ***

With Love Jo

Peter Cottontail

VP_Peter_Cottontail_LOGOHi there my love!

Just wanted to let you know that a new lineart set hase arrived! Please check out the lineart section quickly and get your set before they are all sold out!

Hippety hoppetiy Easter is on its way! Peter Cottontail is here to join in with this festive event. With an incredible load of poses and special props there will be allot to create. Let your imagination run wild!

With Love Jo

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