Warm Ginger Winter

VP-warm-gingerwinter-LOGOWintertime is coming near. And we do need some gingerbread mans to join us in. This lovely exclusive set is created for you this winter 2014. In this set I have provided 2 lovely bright colours and also a gray one. With the gray coloured prop you can use any colour you want to use yourself! Please note this is not a line set nor you can sell the coloured result as tube set. It only gives you the opportunity to use any colour you want! whooow! Can you think of all the endless possibilities!? Hurry up and follow me to the shop.

With Love Jo

B.O.G.O Sale!

rppsnortzlovejoHi Sweetheart,

For the coming week I will have a BOGO sale. As soon as the sale runs out a new tubeset will be added to the site. Everything is buy one get one free! If you want to have 3 sets you get 1 free and one half price! Please insert into the comment of the orderform BO14SA.

Love Jo

My daughter is pixeling too!

PM-fenifir-logoHow amazing is this. My daughter was so interested in pixels and was so in love with the colors and images she wanted to try out herself too. She is just 10 and going out with the name PixieMouse! She is such adorable! Today Pixiemouse had finished her very first tubeset ! She is over the moon!! Just wanted to share I am so incredible proud of her and showing you her website! Please take a visit to my daughter too.

Love Jo

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 10.26.24



Do you remember that feeling you would get when you were little, after dropping a shiny coin in a capsule machine? Your heart beating wildly from the excitement, imagining what the prize could be? Experience that excitement all over again! Try your luck by inserting a coin and turning the handle to find out what special capsule awaits you. Just like the real-life version, this is a lucky capsule vending machine. It was lovingly created by my sis Jennifer (make sure you check her new site out as well!) and me, two wonderful friends and artists who combined their skills to bring you something new and exciting! Inside each capsule, there is an adorable character waiting to come home with you as a unique pixel sigtag.

Try it out yourself

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