Squishums Camping set

VP-squishums14When its vacation time all you have to do is grab your camping gear and go out! Thats what I do this year for our summer holiday’s! A lovely time to Lake Garda with our own tent. Together with the kids I am sure we will have a blast. And how else will be there a tubeset that will fit this lovely event, cause I am sure there are loads more girls that looove camping! Colorfull Bright Tubes to create your amazing camping/outdoor signatures! I can’t wait to see what you create with them!

With Love Jo

New Design New Ideas!

Hi Girls! Just wanted to let you know that Vanilla Patch has redesigned the website! WOOHOO! A brighter cuter set again instead of the darker blue one. I am currently working on a few exciting new things for Vanilla Patch but first of all let me tell you the greatest news! IF I get enough people who are getting just as enthusiastic as I do, I am going to put the Secret Vanilla Patch FORUM! Back online! What do you think girls? Did you miss it and does it have to be back online or don’t you know what it is and just as curious as others to join and play with your other pixel friends!? Let me know what you think of this idea!

Ok ok, the other great news is, Vanilla Patch is going to have a special event soon again. Do you remember the Brittany’s trivia and the ready set GROW event? Something similar is comming up soon! So Just keep your eyes open of new messages and make sure your the first to notice the great new event! Also, (alright I have been really busy) I am working on a themeweek! WHAT?! yes yes yes!! A themeweek. A nice 5-day long themeweek where you get spoiled with lovely new unique signatures! Ooooh boy ooh boy!! That has been a very VERY long time! Also for this you need to keep updated with the latest news and messages. You can either join my Mailinglist or like me on Facebook. Or just read the updates here on the site.

Thats it girls! See you soon!!!
With Love, Jo

Applebutter & Friends

VP_Applebutter_and_Friends_LogoHi Sweetheart!

I have just uploaded the store with another lovely tubeset! Applebutter and friends! What an incredible huge and bright set. With the combination of mixed line artists (most of them are unfortunately closed). This colourful bright set gives you lots of props backgrounds and endless possibilities! This one is a must have in your collection of you want a set that you could use all year trough! What will you create with them?

Love Jo

Bright Smiles!

VP-bright-smiles-logoOn hot days in summer, you just need to sit and relax at the pool. Take a cool drink and have a little nap in the shadows of the sunshade. A dive in the pool with the zebraband and you are totally ready for your lazy summer days! This lovely bear will help you with playing and relaxing! What will you create with them?

Love Jo

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