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Fafnir Dragon. A very old lineartset from about 10 years ago! The Fafnir woke up to come and play with you! Who doesnt love tiny cute little dragons. A fantasy tubeset bright and lovely colored which you can use year round. Not only green dragons but also purple and blue ones to make a big friend mushroom garden party. A Magical set which needs to be in your collection!

Hi there girls! Maybe a bit early but it gives you plenty of time to create some great sigtags for your store! This is a lovely little set for Newyears eve. Featuring lovely Pinguins! they are just 5 usd and limted to a few people only!

Some girls wondering, where I’ve been and why is it so quiet around my site. I have been working so incredible hard to work on one of my biggest wishes and dreams of my shildhood. I have just signed my contract as an official illustrator! The first book I illustrated is already published and there are 2 great BIG projects at the moment where I am working on!

I miss the community allot! And I miss where we where so close and active! Lets try and think of how to get the urge and bond back again. I tried to think of something new, but with my new position it might be hard. Altho… The days are getting colder and we will be stuck inside more I might have more time to delight you with more wonderful pixels! There is still one more on the artboard and I hope I can finish it before my muse runs off again or my deadline will be near for the projects!


Witch Alice

Posted on 01/20/17 at 7:09 am to New Tubes

Hi there my love!

Meet Witch Alice. A little lovely colored base set. I couldnt resist in working with this awesome base from Faery Pixels. There are almost endless posibilitys in using the colors. With permision I reshaded the base and the clothes so you have a one of a kind set. I can’t wait to see what you create with them! Please note this set has only 15 available! and only 5 usd!

Love Jo