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*waves* Hi There!!

Posted on 07/03/18 at 10:39 am to General

Hi Girls!

Just a little note from me! It has been a while hassn’t it!? How are you all doing and how is the community going? I miss pixeling allot and I am trying to get things sorted so I can make some time to play with you girls again. Not often but I want to be part of the family again!

First let me explain how my life is going. Its been with ups and downs. I signed a contract for my dreamjob as illustrator and designer. At this moment I illustrated a published book, designed fabric, made designs for wooden buttons and pacifierclips, cutting dies for cardmaking, patternsĀ  for toy’s, and many more! At this moment I am working on branding myself and start up with my own collection of cutting dies and clear stamps, working on my own crochet book which I want to publish next year. Life has a downside too, I won’t go into that too much, as things get a bit personal. Just the words fighting boulumia would cover the load *wink*. Combining with my two girls that are growing up so fast! The oldest already 14 and the youghest is 9 right now. Jeeezzz stop the time please!

So girls, What can you expect to see here? Well I am always open for questions of older sets. But, I will create a new fresh set near soon! If there are any wished let me know in the comments! Tunes lines, themes, characters etc etc!

Going for now, work is calling! Missing you girls! Big hugs and TTYL!

~ Jo