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All images at Vanilla Patch are copyright to Jocelijne Brus. None of those images are allowed to copy and ristribure without written permission or those who have been paid for. At all time copright will remain Vanilla Patch or Jocelijne Brus. Images sold from this site are for personal use only. Those rights will be explained later. None of the images found at Vanilla Patch  neither those found on other sites (which still falls under my copyright) can be used for offline printing as example; t-shirts mugs cards etc. I keep the right at all time to review and change the disclaimer whenever its needed. Always read carefully at all times. I will notify and highlight any changes. When using anything from Vanilla Patch you will automatically agree with the terms of conditions of this disclaimer. If you are abiding my terms I’m allowed to restrict your rights to use them. No money will be refunded in any way. This disclaimer also applies to the following sites: jolisa.com, mylittlepixels.co.uk and limited–edition.co.uk. At all times a visable and clickable  link needs to be added om the same page where you show any of the images from Vanilla Patch. Those links needs to link back to http://www.vanilla-patch.com/ If you ever for some reason you are not able to place a clickable link back on the same page, you are not allowed to use the image. Giftcertificates must be redeemed within 2 months after receiving. After 2 months they will expire.

Extra terms in regards of purchased images;

At all time Vanilla Patch remains copyright to any image bought from this site. You are not allowed to change anything in the images. When you have purchased a tubeset you are allowed to mux and match the images together (and or with other artists work) for end use only! AsIs usage is not allowed at any time. You are not allowed to share your purchases with friends nor family. Neither you can add the images on a CD or ripp them appart.

Outlines: You are allowed to create signatures and tubesets with them to sell after you have coloured them. (Either IM letters or websets etc)  You are allowed to mirror rotate animate and flip the images . You are not allowed to change lines from bases /characters, but I do allow little changes in clothes to fit on all poses. This is either for bears or dolls. If you bought a set of dolls you must dress them before offering them online. Its not allowed to color my outlines in gray and let your members recolour them.  You do need a tubelicence in order to resell the tubes you created or to put them in the membership.  I still keep copyright at all times.

Tubes: Tubes are for end use only. You are allowed to create signatures with them to sell. (Either IM letters or websets etc) You may animate mirror flip rotate and delete some parts if necessary. I don’t allow you to create outlines with the tubes I offer neither I won’t allow that you can copy parts to create your own images and create a new set. If you bought a tubeset, you don’t have the rights to share this with your friends. I keep copyright at all times.

Signatures: Signatures are for end use only and can be placed in forums or emails. You are not allowed to make any changes to the signatures. You can use them on forums in emails or to decorate your website either you can put them in your signature collection website. I keep copyright at all times.

If you are in doubt of anything you can always contact me by using the contact link in the menu. Thank you for reading and understanding the disclaimer.