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Nice to see you would like to know the artist behind these graphics. My name is Jocelijne AKA JoJo and i’m 30 years old. Since little child I already started to make lovely drawings pictures and loved to be creative. As well recycle trash into some artwork, or working with paint or crayons. As soon as I grew up I knew that I wanted to do something with this creativity as this is not something I can put down. I always try to express my feelings into illustration at time. Some might be happy some not. You know how the days flows!

Beside my Illustrations I’m also a mom of 2 lovely princesses of 7 and 12 years young. I love every bit and piece of being a mom. even the tantrums! I have a lovely partner who supports me in everything I do. Corrects me where correction is needed and helps me finding my way into the world wide web. Thank you so much for being my friend and life partner! I just totally LOVE sheep’s! I try to collect them in any way. Ornaments, illustrations, cuddles, keyrings just everything you can imagine.

My love for sheep’s was always there but since we moved to Scotland I just got insane! After 3 years of a great adventure in Scotland we moved back to Holland again, where I am now. I love going out with my family explore around and plan visits to the zoo or parks and all the things that bring a smile on my families face. I am also fascinated by hot-air balloons. I have lost my heart at those vintage balloons! If there is more you want to know, let me know! *Ü*

About this site

Vanilla Patch is started in the beginning of august 2010. This is not my first site I owned. I changed names a couple of times as I was not satisfied what the domain name was reflecting. My first pixel site was called Jolisa and has started in 2005. Since then I can call myself an active pixelartist. I created lovely images and learned allot during this time. Jolisa was created with the names of our family members. J for my name OL for Olaf (my partner) name and Isa for my oldest daughters name (Isa). I came to the conclusion that it was not fair towards a maybe second child so I changed my site name. I love little tiny pixels so why not call the site My little Pixels! And so I did. My second domain was called mylittlepixels and continued with the site for another 2 years. Again I came to the conclusion that I did not only drew little pixels. also larger ones and again it was not reflecting what I was creating. I have changed the domain name to Vanilla Patch in august 2010 with the reason that It did not had to reflect on the pixels itself. So I am happy with it!

My pixel Favorites

I just love anything and everything with sheep. I am a sheep collector and seldom I can not refuse myself to buy any if I see it around. I love both bright and pastel colors depending on the time of the year and my mood. I love graphics where you can see that allot of love has been put in and not been rushed off or recreated from existing images or characters.

Sister Sites

I don”t have allot of sister sites. Just because I think that being a sister site shows you a special connection with the site owner. I have only 2 sister sites and I love those girls!


Ooh Jenny ohh Jenny we have been trough allot of things. Jennifer is my sistersite because we have a few things in common. We both have hairy toes and love sheeps. We all know Jennifer and her lovely creations so what should I say about that? You know! Every time Jennifer is coming online my heart is making a wee jump. I love talking with her about anything and everything and love to do some difficult ladybird puzzles. Jeniffer thnx for being so sweet!

Mandy from Dutch Dots is my lovely sistersite because we share allot of emotions together. Mandy is a lovely pixelartist and I love talking with her every time when she is online. Just like me Mandy is coming from Holland. I have never met Mandy in real but I will once very soon to hug her family. I can not say more than that I love every bit and piece we share. Mandy thnx for being my sister.


Wish upon a star

As everyone has wishes I have them too. Unfortunately just like everyone I do not have a zillion amount of money but do have allot of wishes. This has been put here for those who would like to thank to gift or to surprise but most of all for myself to keep track of what I was looking for and what my most preferances are to buy. Here is my wishing list

Anything and everything from RoseyPoseyPixels
Lineart from Berliner Baerin
Continuing membership at My Pretty Pixels

Site Awards

Thank you for those who thought I earned a site award! I do my very best to reflect to your perfection of pixels. Cute unique and adorable.

New & Upcoming award – February 2008 – Alley awards
Best teddy site – 2008 – Pink Dreamland

Best Cute Site – April 2009 – Deesdoodles
Site of the Month March 2011 – Fantastika Pixels
Site of the Month May 2011 – My doodles
Site of the Month March 2011 – Hearts Enchanted

Site of the Month January 2012 – Magikal
Site of the Month April 2012 – Primpixels
Easter extravaganza Award March 2015 – Dark Enchantments